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Meanwhile, in Sudan…

Current events in South Sudan (and Addis Ababa) continue to grab the headlines, and preoccupy the attention of most analysts, including this author.  But that should not imply there have been no recent notable events north of the border.  Here are three, mostly un or underreported developments in Sudan, and some thoughts on their implications. Continue reading


Memo to INGOs: time to return to South Sudan

Dear Country Director (cc. boss at headquarters, expatriate colleagues):

It’s time to go back to South Sudan.  (Or decide you never will.)

There are reasons to wait, you might say.  Political uncertainty.  Insurance.  Embassy advisories. The worrying list of incidents summarised in the daily security sitrep.

I’m more worried you will be mugged in Nairobi or Kampala, or pulled over for a grilling by the traffic police for turning on your hazard lights when going through a roundabout.  True, Juba isn’t winning any most liveable city awards.  But that hasn’t changed in the last six weeks.

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