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Three good reasons why Riek Machar won’t leave the SPLM

Greetings internet!  I’ve succumbed to the folly(?) of starting my own blog.  I’ll gradually incorporate a back catalogue of articles published elsewhere on the web.  And so for an inaugural post, as news breaks of James Wani Igga’s appointment as South Sudan’s new vice-president:

When Salva Kiir dismissed his government in July, there was plenty of speculation that this was a prelude to a formal split of the SPLM, and that as Kiir’s chief challenger, Riek Machar would be the most likely figure to lead a breakaway faction.  And while nothing can be ruled out when it comes to the SPLM leadership, and, in time, as with most liberation movements, the party will almost certainly divide and re-configure, there are at least three good reasons why Riek Machar won’t (or shouldn’t, if he’s smart) leave the SPLM any time soon: Continue reading