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On the march on Bor, planes, and the parade of envoys

1. On the march on Bor

I’ve lost count of the number of references to the ‘White Army’ in the media reports of recent days.  The militia’s name appears to be innocuous:

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After Juba

It’s far too easy to say the events of recent days were entirely predictable.  And a touch self-serving for those who have.  For while the structural issues are well documented, nobody foresaw that a political ‘battle’ (oh, how the language of warfare has been bandied about in civilian politics) would become a tank battle on the streets of Juba.  

But now that the initial shock begins to pass, and even if no one really knows what will happen next, that will not stop the usual broad predictions from being made: ‘tribal’ violence; civil war; state failure.  And the usual policy prescriptions: send in an external mediator, deploy envoys and foreign ministers, pressure Salva and Riek and their allies to show restraint.

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Justice in Pibor

Last week, Human Rights Watch reported on abuses by the SPLA in Jonglei’s Pibor county. The report offers important testimony of specific incidents, providing the detail of individual tragedy all too often overlooked in the ongoing conflict in Jonglei:

SPLA soldiers approached a group of civilian men playing a traditional board game and demanded that the men hand over their guns. The men gave the SPLA two rifles. The SPLA then tied up the men into two groups of seven. The soldiers executed the men in one group at the site and took the men in the other group some distance away and shot them. One man, shot in the shoulder and left for dead, survived the shooting and was later found by other community members. Continue reading