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Accountability in South Sudan requires engagement: a critique of the Heritage Foundation’s recommendations

The premise of Joshua Meservey’s recent Heritage Foundation report is sound.  It is high time for the United States to hold accountable those responsible for the conflict in South Sudan.  In Washington and around the world, there is and should be immense frustration with South Sudanese elites presiding over the collapse of their country.  In response, that collapse demands practical, urgent realism, if the priorities of saving lives, reducing suffering, and ensuring regional and international security interests, including those of the United States, are to be advanced.

Meservey makes 19 recommendations.  While his analysis is generally accurate, many of the recommendations that follow are problematic.  The most radical proposals are: Continue reading


South Sudan’s NGO Bill

The National Assembly is currently considering new regulation of national and international NGOs active in South Sudan.  The Non-Governmental Organizations Bill, 2013, now at third reading, would replace the New Sudan-era Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2003. The draft bill can be read here: NGO Bill Third Reading 2013.  It is clearly a work in progress: handwritten annotations still mark the text.

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